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December 19, 2014
Get informed. Take action. Spread the word.

Kamakako'i is a cutting edge tool that engages community and shapes Hawai‘i through education and involvement. Do you have questions? Check out the FAQ.
OHA vows to limit Kaka’ako build-out

• OHA vows to limit Kaka’ako build-out

  If the Office of Hawaiian Affairs receives permission from the Legislature to develop housing on 31 acres it owns in Kaka ako makai of Ala Moana Boulevard, the agency will restrict such development to three or four parcels away from the waterfront along Kewalo Basin. OHA made the pledge Thursday at a news conference […]

Mauli Ola: Long term Hawaiian Health

• Mauli Ola: Long term Hawaiian Health

Although Hawaiʻi is the second healthiest state in the nation, Native Hawaiians in our homeland have the poorest health. Through collaborative efforts with key partners and leveraging resources, OHA is engaging policy makers and supporting programs and services that have a direct impact to improve the health of Native Hawaiians. Get a quick glimpse of […]

Senate Introduces OHA Package

• Senate Introduces OHA Package

The 2014 Legislative session opened this morning. The Senate has introduced the 2014 OHA package. Follow the action.


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